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Florida Homestead Real Estate Tax Portability Explained

images (15)For those who have made a home in Florida and are considering a move to a new Florida home, one of the most important things to be aware of is the newly enacted Property Tax Portability Amendment which impacts Homestead property. Without the portability provision, if you moved you lost all of the assessed value savings created by Save Our Homes and your new home was assessed at current market value. The Portability Amendment literally made that tax savings “portable” so you can now transfer up to $500,000 of your accrued Save Our Homes benefit to your new home.

Naples Golf Real Estate – The Best Paradise For Golf Aficionados

Naples golf real estate, Florida is a highly demanded as well as desired location for golf enthusiasts and also individuals looking for an active lifestyle Golf fanatics will surely love staying in Naples because there are lots of golf real estate properties offered to them to take pleasure in. Because of that, the place has been considered as the United States’ golf mecca.

Premier Communities For Naples Golf Real Estate – The Greatest Paradise For Golf Course Homes As well as Golf Course Condos

Estates at Bay Colony – This is definitely where the world-class golf course can be found. They’ve got a perfect milieu for golf players to boost their excitement of playing the sport. Naples also provides elegant estate homes as well as high-rise condominiums which are logically placed overlooking the sea for the beautiful view of the coast. It consists of 75 magnificent estates that gives quick access to the golf courses in the area.

Grey Oaks – Beautiful Mediterranean styled villa neighborhoods and Grey Oaks real estate are placed among three unique golf courses. This place is renowned for the abundance of sand beaches and palms.

Bonita Bay – This place is composed of a 2,400 acres all natural area that is located in Southwest Florida looking over the gulf coast. Their styles both are traditional and modern. Bonita Bay real estate is actually the leader in community residential living.

Mediterra – A home in the Mediterra real estate amounts to a million dollars each. In addition, it has a single family residence that overlooks 2 stunning 18-hole championship golf courses. People occupying their homes will certainly encounter the culture of the Mediterranean region that’s inspired by their house’s designs.

Pelican Bay – Standing from almost any of the sky-reaching condominiums and elegant homes of this place will provide you a wonderful sight of the Gulf of Mexico as well as the wonderful views of its golf courses.

Pelican Marsh – It is a community which has a really exquisite Pelican Marsh real estate along with secluded courtyards that looks over the remarkably designed Pelican Marsh golf courses.

Twin Eagles – This estate gives a design which demonstrates elegance, as well as the location is settled to view a serene lake of the place that covers the golf course. In Twin Eagles, there are homes from which you stand, will let you see its largest lake.

The other popular golf community areas include Quail creek, Quail west, Shadow wood, Tiburon and Talis park homes for sale. Invest money on golf course homes and also golf course condo properties which the Naples golf real estate offers.

Have A Great Lifestyle In Pelican Bay Naples Florida

Pelican Bay real estate is regarded as one of the premier communities in the world. This spot offers incredibly elegant and also premier real estate solutions. This community gains the greatest feasible rating and becomes one of the most famous real estate within the world market today because of its active life-style, greatest amenities, adequate relaxation and privacy.

The estate also has a huge community of individuals with a number of 80 sub-communities in their care. The home architectural designs reflect charm, intimacy, style and elegance. The real estate in Pelican Bay including Pelican Bay homes, the Pelican Bay condos and magnificent residential enclaves give residents the thrill of obtaining the perfect views of the place an exhilarating shopping experience. Pelican Bay Real Estate – Top 10 Amenities And Nearby Attractions The Pelican Bay comprised a 2,100 acres of land located north of Naples along a 3 mile shoreline to the Gulf of Mexico.

They have a high rise condominium unit which highlights a fantastic number of amenities, and showcase an excellent view of the area. Residents and visitors will probably really have a blast enjoying their nature preserves, beaches, parks, lakes as well as golf courses. Apart from that, tourists can also check out the city’s old architectural and also historic treasures. Each and every building features its very own unique design together with a floor plan for every kind of setting. The people of Pelican Bay also enjoy the opportunity to reach the Gulf of Mexico utilizing the boardwalks of the mangrove forest that is protected by the law of the land.

They also showcase a wonderful listing of facilities to savor like tennis center, 2 pro shops, state-of-the-art fitness center and an Arthur Hills as well as a championship golf course for the sport enthusiasts. The area also has a restaurant which has serenity and also relaxation while savoring their delicious delicacies. The waterside shops give a fine dining experience, as well as offers a variety of shopping requirements to its visitors. Another artistic pride of this place is certainly the well known Naples Philharmonic Center for the Arts.

Settlers must be reminded that the Pelican Bay offers 1million to over 5 million per unit, and that the price depends on the number of rooms as well as other amenities obtainable. You may also choose to buy a condominium unit in the Pelican Bay that offers from between 500,000 to 700,000. There are art galleries, classy shopping and fine restaurants in the nearby area. Well, all these things presented above displays the worth of staying at the breathtaking places of beachfront homes and Pelican Bay real estate.

The Wonderful Waterfront Real Estate Communities In Naples, Florida

The Naples waterfront area real estate market has been presenting constant development in each and every aspect. Check out the gorgeous waterfront properties for sale in the communities bordering Naples. Aqualane Shores, Royal Harbor, Port Royal and Old Naples, Florida areas are among the real estate properties incorporated. Additionally, the rest of your members of the family may enjoy living in Naples waterfront real estate for they have everything all set for almost all ages, beginning from its rich history, outdoor and also water sports activities, sunny skies, tennis, golf and a lot more.

Naples Waterfront Real Estate’s Highlighted Communities

Port Royal – Situated on the west and is bordered in the Gulf of Mexico is the location of this place. You’ll love the sunset and white beaches that is closely available within this area. Furthermore, the place is also close to the popular 3rd Street for Shopping and 5th Ave that are home to fine dining establishments. This incredible waterfront Port Royal Real Estate features over 500 estates.

Aqualane Shores – If you’ve got a boat or even water vessel, this kind of area is great for you since this place provides waterfront homes and real estate in the deep water canal which is found at the halfway Port Royal and Old Naples. You can see different lovely places which are just a walk away like the beach, the 3rd St shopping area, the Naples Pier and the fifth Avenue.

Royal Harbor – The Royal Harbor Real Estate has single family styled residences along with several gulf access canals in the backyard. Boat owners will definitely feel welcome in this part of town. Dwellers will probably sure to take advantage of the Naples Bay’s wonderful sunset views in their waterfront properties.

Old Naples – This site is one of the most highly favored single family home locations in Naples, Florida On 5th avenue and 3rd St., you will find different as well as fascinating shopping stores you can go to. Moreover, you don’t need to take a ride for that gastronomical experience as you can walk to the nearest restaurants. Have fun at the wonderful white sandy beaches that are just a few strides away from your front door.

The number of properties sold and amenities are some of the factors exactly why there’s been a rise in the value of the available properties. There is no question the primary locations for Naples waterfront real estate in Florida are located within these communities.

All About Real Estate Information In Old Naples Florida

Old Naples Real Estate has turned into something of which isn’t noticeable several years ago. Before, it’s just a sleepy fishing village found in southwest Florida region, however right now it’s considered as the next Palm Beach. At this time, it’s acknowledged as the next Palm Beach from just being a sleeping fishing village somewhere within the area of southwest Florida.

Types Of Real Estate For Sale In Old Naples

In this area, the type of Old Naples Homes for sale available are active retirement property, golf houses, vacation houses, high rise homes, beach condo properties, and also luxury beach homes. Safe neighborhoods and having the ability to live life along with Florida real estate market’s very best varieties of amenities and finest qualities are offered by the luxury properties here. For long term purposes, a number of individuals are now buying Old Naples Real Estate market.

Top Attractions And Places To Visit In Old Naples

Naples Zoo – The place of the said zoo is actually right in the Naples downtown area. You possibly can take pleasure to the exceptional as well as special areas of the zoological garden. The wildlife variety is outstanding. The resident animals include kangaroos, African lions, zebras, leopards, American alligators and exotic cats. Lots of wildlife animals are hardly ever found now.

Naples Museum of Art – Among the most visited interesting place in Naples, Florida. This is certainly situated near a few shops and restaurants. There are various and also special art collections which are displayed in this 30,000 square feet gallery.

Philharmonic Center for the Arts – On this center, a few of the top orchestras, operas, singers, speakers, as well as musicians of the world are showcased. In case the prepared holiday will be the same as to their scheduled performances, then never fail to watch it.

Naples Municipal Beach – This place is perfect for many who want to walk round the white sand beaches because this is situated round the pier area. This place has a rest room, shower, concession, metered parking as well as a number of other facilities which you possibly can make use of.

Naples City Dock – All of the boating activities in Old Naples are organised in this place. You can go for a walk or perhaps have lunch together with your friends or family on this amazing place.

Many buyers have chosen the luxury as well as vacation home market, that’s the reason of the great transformation of Old Naples housing market.

Florida’s New Laws Spell Significant Change for the Real Estate World

download (6)When seeking warmer temperatures and water views, Melbourne, Florida is the place to go. Located by the Indian River and only a drive across the Melbourne Causeway to closer ocean views, Melbourne is a lovely sunshine state location close to Orlando Florida. Home to many gated communities with private lakes and golf courses, and has everything a new homeowner could ever desire. When seeking warmer temperatures and water views, Melbourne, Florida is the place to go.

Located close to the Indian River and only a drive across the Melbourne Causeway to closer ocean views. Home to many high end gated communities with private lakes and golf courses, Melbourne has everything a new homeowner could ever desire. The search for Melbourne, Florida real estate is only an agent call or mouse click away. Unlocking the many hidden hideaways of this invitingly sunny area will be an enjoyable quest as a house shopper seeks their ultimate final destination and place to call home.

Florida real estate features homes of every style, layout and location. The area is less than a two hour drive from Orlando and attractions like Disney World and Universal Studios. Melbourne’s location makes the attractions both close and just far enough away to offer a calmer relaxed atmosphere. There are numerous possibilities for water sports enjoyment as well. From private lakes, to the Indian River to the nearby Atlantic Ocean, there is something for everyone’s water sports preference. Fishing, boating, swimming and beach leisure are easily accomplished and are within a very short reach. Retail shopping centers are also available to offer something for everyone.

For someone who is not yet ready or able to commit to purchasing property in the area, Melbourne, Florida rental property is a great option. Rental property in Melbourne ranges from apartments to condos to fully fledged houses that can be rented year round or seasonally. Living in Florida all year is easily managed with the abundance of rental units and homes available and they come with many of the same amenities as owning a home does. The same water features and nearby attractions are all there for renters to take advantage of whenever they wish.

Living in the warmth and sun of Florida is possible for anyone. With all the living options available for both home ownership and property rental, there should not be a need to compromise on what a potential resident envisions their home to be. Lakes, rivers, golf courses, shopping, night time entertainment and so much more can be found in the area with minimal driving time required. Melbourne Fl Real Estate makes it easy being near almost everything and yet far enough away to retain calm and quiet is a very attractive feature of Melbourne, Florida.

Three Reasons To Consider Florida Real Estate Properties: Location, Tourism, and Housing Market

images (14)Florida real estate properties are known to present people with excellent opportunities regardless of whether these options involve residential or commercial properties. With such an outstanding selection of real estate properties to choose from on the property market, people who remain unsure about whether or not making a purchase would be a good idea only really needs to consider these three reasons.

Great Location

First of all, property buyers will always want to consider the location of their options. Florida real estate properties are found within one of the most preferred states within the United States today which offers warm weather and a myriad of attractions since the state is located right along the Atlantic Ocean where beautiful beaches are found.

If you have always wanted to live close to the beach, Florida properties are definitely your best bet, especially when it comes to those located within prime cities such as Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood, Boynton Beach, and West Palm Beach.

Strong Tourism

As previously mentioned, the fact that the state in which Florida real estate properties are located is one of the most preferred locations within the country today, it is easily one of the most visited places within the United States, especially among people who are looking to spend their vacations within the best beach resorts possible. Even areas such as Fort Lauderdale where annual events take place have become such a prime choice for investors who want to make sure that they generate sizable profit within short periods of time.

However, even people who are not looking for a dose of summer fun tend to flock to the region due to the abundance of opportunities that are available within the region in terms of its major business district which thrives on its financial institutions and other large-scale companies which thrive within the Downtown Miami area.

Housing Market

Many will recall the devastating effects of the market crash in 2008 that left scars on the economy of Florida. But things are very different now as proven by the fact that the region’s housing market is, in fact, doing significantly better than all of the other areas within the United States with its increased pending sales and exceptionally high demand coming in from international property buyers and investors who continue to seek opportunities despite the dwindling inventory supply offered within the region.

If you are looking for real estate options that will make you feel glad that you finally made that purchase, you should definitely look into today’s selection of Florida real estate properties while the opportunity is still hot. Contact a professional agent that specializes in Florida real estate properties to find out more information on all of your available options.

South Florida Real Estate Set For Huge Gains

images (13)While the residential real estate market overall has seen less-than-stellar performance this year, there is one bright exception – South Florida real estate. While home values have certainly taken a hit in recent years, there is recent data is showing price appreciation well above the national average and housing starts at double the nation as a whole, with an increase of 53% year-over-year, versus 27% for the nation (U.S. Census Data). With record low interest rates putting real estate within reach of more and more buyers, all of the ingredients are there for a strong long-term outlook. Considering Florida’s staggering population growth of over 235,000 in 2012 (third in the nation) that strong outlook is all but guaranteed.


The tremendous growth in Florida’s population due to relocation from other states will certainly be a factor in sustaining the strong recovery of Florida real estate, but looking deeper into the data, there are other factors that may very well impact the recovery more, such as international migration. While Florida’s international migration rate stands at number three nationally, the makeup of those migrants gives Florida an advantage in the real estate market as well as in the economy as a whole. Florida’s immigrants, mostly from Latin America and Asia, have the highest birth rates in the world. This gives Florida a tremendous population growth rate for generations to come, making South Florida real estate a sure bet in a shaky economy.


South Florida remains a standout in employment. With a predicted job growth of almost 2%, this puts Florida at number three nationally. In South Florida, the news is even better. Cape Coral job postings have increased by 25% in the last year, compared to a national decline of over 32%. These employment figures indicate that not only will there be a demand for South Florida real estate, but that a growing segment of the population will be able to afford it.


Though the market value of single-family homes saw declines in South Florida since 2009, this has served two purposes that will benefit the market in the next few years. The decline in prices, along with record-low interest rates, has made the single-family home affordable to a larger share of the market. Recent price appreciation means investors and builders are starting to get back into the market, with housing starts in Florida up 53% over last year, versus 27% nationwide. This, along with the over 200,000 new residents immigrating in the last year, means a healthy market for years to come.